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(Anal, etc) and you should see the option to Create Article on the top right of the page. All story submissions are moderated and will not be visible to the public until they have been reviewed. Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy Dare To Get Nude At Biker Bar. Free Erotic Stories Swingers Board - Swinger Stories Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Browse, read and enjoy our wide selection of topics. We do ask that you take the time to make sure that your stories are well written and spell checked. To submit your story, go to the appropriate section (Swinger. It was my husbands idea to swing but i turn out to like it more than he did. Read My First Experience at a Swingers Club, free Swinger.

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Or another night it might be a toga party or some other costume theme. I rubbed by boobs with Nancy and push my ass back and grinded against this other woman just hard as she was grinding her pussy against my ass. He must have cum. Telling me how much it aroused her to see and play with my big yummy looking nips. I had never had this kind of contact with other females and It and the booze was having an effect in the form of I could feel my nips swelling.

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We were pretty worn out as we arrived at so as soon as we had dropped our bags off in our condo, I donned a pair of boxers and settled on our deck with a glass of white wine. I looked down and watched two women do this. Show us how much you want. My husband Dave and I had talked about getting involved sexually with another couple or a single female. He seemed to hit it off with Dave, as well as, I was getting along with Nancy. She was very nervous and excited as this was a fantasy she never thought would come true.


Huge Tiddy Teen StepSister Truth or Dare complete series Parts 1-4. Whispering in my ear relax enjoy. I was not the least bit embarrassed. She asked the bartender if he would mind if she sat there naked? I sucked as much of Nancy into my mouth as I could and ran my tongue around her nipple. I felt so sexy so slutty. She turned around and asked another stranger to hold her shorts. They wasted little time getting it off me and playing with my boobs. She smiles and says well you do now. I start rocking, back and forth on my knees wanting it deep and her giving it to me so slowly. With my nips still swollen they poke thru and look so nice I give them both another pinch. Nancy moves down and whispers in my ear you like it with us dont you? December before last I booked a condo on an island popular to the South American middle class but rarely visited by Americans or Europeans. At the table Tom and Dave were waiting with new drinks for.

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